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LWRP / URP – Tessellation & Displacement

Download LWRP / URP – Tessellation & Displacement FREE Unity. 

Important note: When upgrading and using Universal Render Pipeline, remember to import again the Universal Compatibility Package.

This package includes a simple but effective and optimized implementation of Tessellation and Displacement techniques for the Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) and the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

• Compatible with VR and Single Pass Instanced.
• Compatible with the new SRP Batcher.
• Supports GPU instancing (when not using SRP Batcher).
• Supports real-time and baked GI / Shadows.
• Uses triangles culling at the Hull shader stage for improving performance.
• Support for masked tessellation for increasing geometry subdivision only in certain areas (performance improvement).
• UniformEdge Length, and Distance tessellation techniques are implemented.
• Support for Heightmap blur for reducing displacement of strong elevations artifacts.
• Geometry maps (Tessellation and Height) may use their own tiling and offsets or use those of the main texture.
• Phong Tessellation technique for smoothing the mesh after tessellated.
• Support for Vertex Color geometry.