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Lux Lit Particles

Download Lux Lit Particles FREE Unity. 

Lux Lit Particles provide advanced particle shaders which add high quality yet performant real time lighting including normal mapping, wrapped around diffuse lighting, translucency and directional shadows in order to make your particles just fit your scene’s lighting — all drawn within a single shader pass.

The package ships with shaders supporting Unity’s LWRP as well. These need Unity 2019.1 or 2019.2 and LWRP 5.16.1 or 6.9.1.

Lighting Features (Built in RP)
● Support for real time directional, spot and point lights (per pixel and/or per vertex).
● Per pixel lighting and normal mapping for 1 or 4 lights.
● If only one light uses per pixel lighting 3 additional lights will be shaded per vertex.
● Particles may receive directional shadows (per vertex or per pixel).
● Wrapped around diffuse and simple translucent lighting.
● Ambient lighting: Skybox, gradient and color are supported (per vertex or per pixel).
● Particles support Light Probes (per vertex or per pixel).
● Particles may cast shadows (WIP).

Particle Features (Built in RP)
● Lux Lit Particles have been written with classic view aligned billboards in mind. Other billboard modes like Horizontal Billboards or non view aligned billboards are only partly supported.
● The provided shaders only support alpha blended particles.
● Flipbook blending is supported.
● Lux Lit Particles may use tessellation in order to enhance per vertex calculated lighting and shadows while still rendering at high speed.

Lux Lit Particles have been successfully tested on DX11, OpenGLCore and Metal (desktop). Mobile platforms neither have been tested nor are recommended. DX9 is not supported.