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LowPoly Wild Animals

This asset is a large pack of LOWPOLY FOREST ANIMALS.
It contains 7 species of animals with babies. Each animal has 40+ animations.
By purchasing this pack you get 199 (!!) different types of wild animals, taking into account the color differences in one species. This pack is perfect for any mobile and PC games.
The animal models has 1400 – 4000 tris.
Texture maps – only albedo map 1024×1024.

In more detail, the pack includes the following:
– 87+ trees and forest objects;
– BEARS (15 variations of adult bear, 12 variations of bear cub; 57 IP/RM animations)
– BOARS (10 variations of adult boar and 6 variations of boar cub; 41 IP/RM animations)
– DEERS (13 variations of stag, doe and calf; 42 IP/RM animations)
– FANTASY DEERS (15 variations of stag; 42 IP/RM animations)
– FOXES (10 variations of adult fox and fox cub; 49 IP/RM animations)
– HARES (10 variations of adult hare and 10 variations of hare cub; 43 IP/RM animations)
– MOOSES (10 variations of bull, cow and calf; 42 IP/RM animations)
– WOLVES (11 variations of adult wolf, 11 variations of wolf cub; 51 IP/RM animations)
Animator controller is missing.

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