Lowpoly Substances

Download Lowpoly Substances FREE Unity

Lowpoly Substances is a set of shaders, materials and models that build artificial animations of fireplace and water (more substances to come). With Lowpoly Substances, you’ll be able to add trendy animated components to your game while not sacrificing performance.

Check out however it works:
Campfire demo (WebGL)
Customization demo (WebGL)

Features include:
• Performance: vertex shaders are in no time, this manner of animation is way quicker than particles
• Cross-platform: the consequences work on all platforms, as well as mobile and WebGL
• simple integration: drop one amongst the enclosed prefabs and you’re done
• Customizable: animation shaders expose several parameters if you’d prefer to modification the animation
• Complete: the package includes completely different models of low-poly substances (and all extra models in demos)
• Flexible: the shaders and materials are used on your own objects too
• Free updates

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