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Lowpoly Mesh Generator

Editor and runtime tool for generating classic lowpoly style meshes (a.k.a. flat-shaded meshes).

• What is lowpoly style mesh?

Compared to a regular mesh, lowpoly style mesh normals are flattened (normal’s smooth-groups are removed) and may not use diffuse texture for rendering as it is already baked inside vertex color. Those two factors give lowpoly style look to a mesh.

• Is vertex or triangle count also decreased in lowpoly style meshes?

No, triangle count is not modified at all and vertex count always is 3x more than triangle count, as triangle consist of 3 vertices and each one needs to be unique with its color and normal.

• Is there any other ways for rendering meshes in lowpoly style?

Other way is to manually create them in 3d modeling software or use custom shaders, for example Lowpoly Shader. Each one has its own pros and cons.

• Do lowpoly style meshes need any special shaders and have any other requirements?

No, lowpoly style meshes can be used on any device and for their rendering shader with vertex color support is enough.

• Do I need any mesh or other files preparation before using this tool?