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LowPoly Greek Monster Pack

Be sure to check out our interactive demo to see everything this package has to offer!

This package includes 8 low-poly, animated, partially mecanim-compatible, customizable monsters based on Greek mythology:
• Centaur (Male/Female)
• Cyclops (Male)
• Giant (Male/Female)
• Gorgon (Female)
• Half-Spider (Male/Female)
• Harpy (Female)
• Minotaur (Male)
• Satyr (Male/Female)

The monsters have individual versions of the following animations:
• Walk
• Run
• Idle
• Combat Idle
• Receive Hit
• Attack 01
• Attack 02
• Fall

The monsters partially support mecanim animations on a practical level. For example: the centaur allows mecanim animations to override the human portion of the body, while the giant and cyclops are fully mecanim-compatible. A full breakdown of mecanim compatibility on a per-character basis can be found here.

The package includes prefabs with ragdoll joints already setup.

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