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Low Poly War Pack

Stunning visuals and the flexibility to use a range of character controllers & vehicle controllers, modular scripts and soldier AI ready for you to drag and drop into your scene.

Storm Omaha beach and conquer Pegasus Bridge in our demo scenes.

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— Content —

– Various WW2 models

– Fun playable Demo Scenes

– Polyperfect Game System (tons of modular scripts)

– Soldier Controller, Car Controller, Plane Controller, Tank Controller,

Turret Controller and more

– 200 models

– Rigged characters

– Over 60 animation

– Including a mix of Root Motion and In-Place animation

– Mecanim support

– Sounds

– URP support watch

– VR/AR ready

— Script Features —

Unified Enemy and Ally behavior: Any feature added to one can be added to the other without additional code. Units now belong to factions, which can be allied or hostile to each other.

Physics-based Vehicles: Vehicles handle smoothly and respond accurately to physics.

Modularity: Variants of objects can be created by adding, removing, disabling, or otherwise individually altering the components and scripts on a GameObject. All units with Health can use the same Health script, etc.

In-editor Documentation: Every script has help boxes describing their use and noting which components are required. Mistakes in setup are highlighted in red.

Extensibility: Coding new behaviors has a clear path to avoid conflicts with other code files.

Observant UI: UI scripts observe and register with their targets instead of being driven by them, so units don’t need UI to function and won’t be broken if the UI is removed.

Fuzzy Logic System: AI Soldiers now care about ammo and health, and weapon pickups. They will seek out resources they are low on. They hold grudges even against allies and will seek out enemies or an objective.

Many Event Callbacks: Sound effects, animations, visual effects, and other things can be easily added or changed without altering any code. When writing custom code, these callbacks can be used so new behaviors use, instead of depending on, each other.

Nested Prefab and Variant based system: New behaviors and sound effects can be added to a base, and all prefabs that contain it or are variants of them will be updated, instead of having to copy and paste it to all and remember which things to put where.

Domain Reload-less Play Mode: All scripts support Enter Play Mode Options, reducing Enter Play Mode time by 95% or more for faster iteration.

— Models —

– Ammo (x6)

– Buildings (x18)