Low Poly Rocks Pack

Download Low Poly Rocks Pack FREE Unity

This package contains an enormous style of completely different rocks able to use for your game levels. simply drag and drop prefabs to your scene and come through stunning ends up in no time. PC, mobile and VR friendly assets.

367 distinctive Low Poly Rock Prefabs:
– forty-seven spherical Rocks
– forty-seven Flat Rocks
– fifty-four Sharp Rocks
– seventy sq. Rocks
– thirty-nine Block Rocks
– 37 Tiles
– twenty-five Bricks
– thirty Crystals
– four Rock Arches
– seven Rock Walls
– seven Stonehenge Rocks

+367 a similar Rock Prefabs with a Snow!

-All Rock prefabs have Colliders connected. There are two styles of Prefabs: with Mesh and Box Colliders. Prefabs with box colliders are compatible within a piece of ground Editor and that they are higher in performance.
-All Rock prefabs use single reflective power 256×256 Texture Atlas and one Material.
-Crystals use one material with none textures, thus you’ll be able to modification colours in no time and simple.

2 Rock types:
– one Color – default Rocks, one colour per Rock.
– two Color – 2 colours per Rock. the primary colour could be a base rock colour, the second colour could be snow by default, you’ll be able to modify it to any colour like sand, moss, etc.

Also, you get thirty-six Bonus prefabs:
– nineteen Tileable Ground planes
– eight Mountains
– one Pyramid
– 3 Clouds
– two Fireplaces
– one fireplace particles
– one Island (from Low Poly standard piece of ground Pack)
– one Water – static water plane (from Low Poly standard piece of ground Pack)

-All Bonus Prefabs has Colliders connected except Clouds, Water, and fireplace particles.

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