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Low Poly Destructible Cars 2 – Offroad

Download Low Poly Destructible Cars 2 – Offroad FREE Unity. 

This Offroad pack contain two destructible models (that are part of Low poly destructible cars vol.2 pack) that give you the option to make your game more realistic, but they can also be used as just single mesh models if you don’t plan to make such mechanics in your project possible. Cars have an additional 3 versions of front/back bumpers and side panels, so You can adjust the appearance of cars or upgrade them. Each car has a detailed interior with parts that you can animate. Windows are separate objects that have the option to give them ‘crashed’ texture.

Models are using diffuse textures (without normal maps), shared materials, textures and atlases, so they are mobile-friendly and well optimized.

What we have improved since last pack: • This time in place of every part that can be detached, exsist extra geometry that covers up holes left by them – you will not need to cover them by some additional geometry.

• Cars interiors have better quality textures and geometry