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⭐Low Poly Complete Collection – PolyWorks

Download ⭐Low Poly Complete Collection – PolyWorks Free Unity. 

An enormous collection of low poly style props and assets for building your stylized worlds. Beginner and veteran friendly. Includes all of our current packs and updated with all future packs!

A massive 3,311 model Low Poly faceted style asset pack for creating themed environments for your poly style games – each with a prefab for different shaders, designed to be incredibly flexible and new user friendly as well as a selection of custom URP shaders and effects systems.

◼ All pieces are designed to be combined with others to create variety and enable your creativity. ? (Asset 1 + Asset 2 + Colour = New Asset! ?)

◼ Drag and position pieces together to achieve unique and beautiful results for your levels in very little time.

◼ Includes a vertex colour shader and script for single material use on any number of models with no texture required!

◼ Includes effects and water shaders and advanced shaders for further blending and stylising your environments.

This collection contains all models and parts from our 38 sets of low poly themed packs and is always updated with the contents of new packs when they are released, making it amazing value that increases over time!?

? Contents ?

3,311 Models covering many themes, like:

■ Abstract building blocks

■ Ancient ruins

■ Ambient animals

■ Asian buildings

■ Boardgames

■ Bones

■ Bridges

■ Fantasy buildings

■ Christmas

■ Clouds

■ Coral

■ Crystals

■ Dark fantasy buildings

■ Verdant druid realms

■ Dungeons

■ Fences

■ Fruit & Vegetables

■ Graveyards

■ Handrails

■ Industrial

■ General props

■ Rocks

■ Tiled RPG blocks

■ Building ruins

■ Science fiction

■ Skatepark