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Lost in Blizzard (Complete Version)

Lost in Blizzard (complete version) Scripts and models

Update 1.2


Added PDF Documentation and 3 new models (2 Tree types and underwater balon)

This package contains inventory starter script Footsteps sound scripts, Frost scripts, Fireplace script, Frost and fire script, Glasses script and fire craft script.
Сollecting three logs and matches, you can make a fire by pressing the “E” button you set up logs. After setting up logs you light up a fire by pressing the “E” button again, only if you have matches. But hurry up so you won’t freeze to death!
Open inventory by pressing “I” button. Wear the on\off glasses “Q” button.
You can use any models and variations of inventory.
Models included: Backpack, Compas, Electric panel, Gas, Ice axe, Lamp, Lighter fluid, Matches, Meteo station, Pliers, Rag, Snow rock, Wooden box, Wood planks, Jeep, rope tool, Winter glasses.
Particles included: Fire, Fog, Snow
Sounds included: 6 Snow steps and 4 Ice steps sounds, Lighting of matches, Pick up sound, Blizzard, open bag with an inventory.