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Loreon Kingdom Pixel Art Character Asset

Download Loreon Kingdom Pixel Art Character Asset Free Unity. 

This pack included a lot of characters and animations. Here are the details:

– 5 Fully animation classed characters
– Sword : 20 animations
– Shield : 20 animations
– Spear : 18 animations
– Archer : 17 animations
– Mage : 17 animations
– 2 Special Characters
– Hero: can use all animation so he has 92 animations
– Captain: can use all animation, just can not use Mage animation so he has 75 animations.
– 7 Character came with 3 different hand-crafted color schemes.
– Mage ability effect animation
– Arrows animations for Archer.
– Included Sprite Sheets and PNG files which can easy to import to any engine.
What the next plan?

If you like my assets and wanted to see more, here is my next plans:

– Making enemies characters: spider, wolf, skeleton, devil, ghost…
– Making more weapons sets: weapon sets will have fully animations and work with this sheet.
– Making more kingdom characters, different classed (assassin, axe, 2 hand swords, crossbow,…)
– Making more Effect sets.
– Making fully environments (delta, forest, mountain, dungeon, Iceland, dark land, fire land…)

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