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Look Animator

Download Look Animator FREE Unity. 

⚡ Look Animator is a component that animates procedurally head and neck/spine bones to simulate real behavior of the body for looking at the chosen position or object.

☄️ This animator will bring much more life into your characters and creatures!
Giving more impression that they’re real!
Easy to set up, easy to control, easy to customize.

⚙ Don’t worry about performance! You can run many Look animators simultaneously even on mobile without losing FPS.
Also if you use Optimizers you can let yourself use even more look animators!

✍ The component works with all the rigs in unity, namely:
Generic, Humanoid, Legacy, or anything else.
With a visual friendly inspector and its functionality, you can set up the whole component in a few clicks! (auto head bone search, auto arms search)

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