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Login Pro

Download Login Pro FREE Unity. 

ull login system with professional security and a lot of great features
Installed within minutes, your games and your players are totally safe against any hacking, everything is automatic and setup for you out of the box!

Great new features added!!
– Friends list added
– Game server hosting and joining
– Chat messages on the server

Work with :
PC, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, WinPhone, WebGL, etc…

– Achievements (Trophies)
– Multi-games support
– Game news
– Bug and abuse report
– Easy account administration
– One click integration at any scene
– Automatic installation
– Clear and easy examples
– Animated UI
– Mobile UI responsive
– Automatically encrypted communications
– IP scan (can be disabled)
– Fully commented code
– Complete documentation

– Unity 4 or 5 (Free or Pro)
– PHP 4 or higher
– (PHP) GMP extension on server (easy to install)
– Emails sending (if you want to send emails to your players, your server must be able to send emails)

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