You are currently viewing Logic – Databrain add-on { BETA }

Logic – Databrain add-on { BETA }

Logic is a powerful add-on that enables high-level visual scripting within Databrain. It features a comprehensive editor that allows you to easily create logic sequences for all of your data objects.

⚠️ This is an add-on for Databrain and requires Databrain to function ⚠️

➡️ Databrain

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{ BETA }

During the beta stage, the package is approximately -30% off its final price.


⭐️ Custom nodes

Create custom nodes tailored to your project and data as easily as you would create a new C# file in Unity. Using NodeAttributes enables you to set node properties like outputs, color, title, category, icon and description. Use the Logic add-on to create logic flows, query data, listen to events or perform specific actions. It is also possible to create a custom inspector UI for your node.

⭐️ Return values

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