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Living Particles

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Ultimate Pack of absolutely customizable particle shaders, you’ll be able to tweak any property and build distinctive Effects. All of those effects are utilized in nearly every game. you’ll be able to create the living ground, that reacts to player movement or add some live setting effects. This Package is additionally victimisation Unity’s Shuriken Particle System, thus any parameter is adjusted. Particles are full of each one player and several other players while not a lot of loss of performance.

Living Particles SRP Update v1.3: Finally, HDRP and LWRP compatible packages. Also, GPU shaders, which can boost Federal Protective Service 2-4 times compared to previous ones.
Content Update v1.2: Morph effects and shaders, absolutely vertex animated PBR mesh particles
BONUS: a lot of VFX Textures and Gradients for higher customization

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