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Live Script Reload (on device Hot-Reload)

– Unity 2019.3

– Unity 2020.3

– Unity 2021.3

– Unity 2022.2

• Few things to have in mind, limitations:

• Generic methods and classes won’t be Hot-Reloaded

Unfortunately generics will not be Hot-Reloaded, to workaround you’d need to move code to non-generic class / method.

• Creating new public methods

Hot-reload for new methods will only work with private methods (only called by changed code)

• Adding new fields (Experimental support added in 1.3)

You can now add new fields and tweak them in editor! Minor limitations:

– outside classes can not call new fields added at runtime

– new fields will only show in editor if they were already used (at least once)

– new fields will only work in editor workflow, they won’t be propagated to build/device yet

• Extensive use of nested classed / structs

If your code-base contains lots of nested classes – you may see more compilation errors.

• Mac Silicon Editor version not supported

On Mac only Intel Editor version is supported. For Silicon version logs will show that everything is fine but actual change will not happen at runtime

• No IL2CPP support

Asset runs based on specific .NET functionality, IL2CPP builds will not be supported. Although as this is development workflow aid you can build your APK with Mono backend (android) and change later.

• Other minor limitations

There are some other minor limitations, please consult full list

• Roadmap

– add Mac/Linux support – (DONE, added with 1.1)

– add debugger support for hot-reloaded scripts (DONE, added with 1.2)

– allow to add new fields (adjustable in Editor) (DONE, added with 1.3)

– better compiler support to work around limitations


– How is this asset different to Fast Script Reload?

> Live Script Reload is a standalone extension to FSR, it includes all features and allows for same hot-reload functionlity directly on deployed build. You only need this one to have both.

– When importing I’m getting error: ‘Unable to update following assemblies: (…)/ImmersiveVRTools.Common.Runtime.dll’

> This happens occasionally, especially on upgrade between versions. It’s harmless error that’ll go away on play mode.

– When upgrading between versions, eg 1.1 to 1.2 example scene cubes are pink

> This is down to reimporting ‘Point’ prefab. Right now plugin will make sure it’s using correct shader eg. URP / Built-in but only on initial import.

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