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Live Script Reload (on device Hot-Reload)

Iterate on code insanely fast without breaking play session. Directly on device… 1. Play 2. Make change 3. See results

Are you tired of waiting for full domain-reload and script compilation every time you make a small code change?

Me too.

Tool will automatically compile only what you’ve changed and immediately hot-reload that into current play session.

Even better it’ll do that on device, be it to already running .exe or deployed Android APK.

Iterate on whatever you’re working on without restarting the app over and over again.

Works with any code editor.

Asset is a standalone extension to Fast Script Reload, you only need this package and single import to get started.

• Setup

1) Import

2) Create Build

2) Play Build and Editor

3) Make Code Change

4) See results

It’s that simple.

• One-off custom code executions on Hot-Reload

When you need to set the stage to test your feature out.

Add following methods to changed script:

| void OnScriptHotReload()

| {

| //do whatever you want to do with access to instance via ‘this’

| }

| static void OnScriptHotReloadNoInstance()

| {

| //do whatever you want to do without instance

| //useful if you’ve added brand new type

| // or want to simply execute some code without |any instance created.

| //Like reload scene, call test function etc

| }


• Performance

It’s a development tool, you’re not supposed to ship with it! 🙂

Your app performance won’t be affected in any meaningful way though.

Biggest bit is additional memory used for your re-compiled code.

Won’t be visuble unless you make 100s of changes in same play-session.

• Supports (Tested)

– Windows / Mac (Intel editor version only) / Linux