Little Heroes Mega Pack

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In Mega Toon series,the characters are simple, low poly, cartoony, cute and very easy to use! Most importantly, you can customize you own characters. Just mix and match with the different hairs, costumes, accessories and weapons!


– We have added modern costumes in this update! You can now customize your characters with modern outfits like policeman, fireman, doctor, office, sports, nurse, patient and casual 🙂
– Upgraded Unity project to 2017.1
– Added 54 modern male costume prefabs
– Added 54 modern female costume prefabs
– Added 14 modern prop prefabs
– Added animations – Run backward, push button, Sawing wood, Hammering on anvil.
– Added 8 customized characters prefabs
– Added 3 modern showcase scenes
– Fixed Customized prefab Knight Male 02’s missing materials
– Upgraded to Unity 5.6
– Added style sample scenes to help developers with lighting and setting game look .
– Changed project setting to linear
– Added animations: Swim 01 and 02, tread water, Spear Strafe left/right without root motion, Torch Idle, look around, Walk /Strafe left/ Strafe right/ run w/wo root motion, Left throw, Spawn ground.
– Added Torch
– Fixed some blurred PNG textures caused by TGA to PNG conversion.
– 3 skin colors x 20 female long dress costumes
– 3 skin colors x 20 male short and long robe costumes
– 3 new customized characters
– Guitar and strumming animation
– Pickaxe
– 2 new animations – Walk and roll backwards
– 18 female faces
– 1 new customized character
– Upperbody Mask and Mask animations. You can now easily setup motions like run + attack with these new content.
– 3 Elf Ears
– 7 Beards
– 15 Faces
– 24 Longbows
– 4 longbow animations
– 2 Character Sample Prefabs
– Convert all TGA files to PNG to reduce file size. Require Version 5.5.1 or higher. ( Thanks RedToasty for helping )

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Now download Little Heroes Mega Pack FREE Unity

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