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Liquid Volume 2

– 5 main variants included: simple (no murkiness), default (blends two liquid components + sparkling effect + PBS flask + refraction blur), default with no flask, texture bumped (which adds overlay texture, bump and distortion effects to the flask) and reflections (uses a cubemap to render glossy reflections).

– Refraction Blur + Refraction Distortion with depth aware option.

– Light Scattering support.

– PBS flask shader, reacts properly to surrounding lighting.

– Casts realistic shadows.

– Can react to external forces and accelerations simulating physics animations according to container movement direction and velocities.

– Lot of options controlled by a custom inspector! Quickly customize smoke, foam, liquid and flask visual properties like colors, noise, alpha, turbulence, sparkling intensity, deep obscurance, density, thickness, glossiness, smoke speed, ….

All scenes shown in the demo video included in the asset (Volumetric Fog & Mist used as background in some parts of the video not included).

*** Compatibility ***

– Tested on Windows/Mac/Mobile (iPhone 7+/Galaxy 6).

– OpenGL 3.0 or later required on Android. WebGL limited to simple detail level.

– Requires built-in pipeline, not compatible with URP/HDRP.

Looking for even more features or URP support? Check out Liquid Volume Pro!

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