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LipSync Pro

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LipSync Pro is an editor extension for creating exquisite lipsyncing and facial animation inner Unity.

Supported on desktop, mobile and console.

Core Features:

– Easy to use Clip Editor for synchronising dialogue.
– A custom inspector with Pose Editor.
– Also consists of Emotion and Gesture Markers, allowing for greater nuanced animation.
– Randomness modifiers to create greater reasonable movements.
– Presets system permits for quick character setup with many one of a kind character systems or on large projects.
– Supports both blend form and bone transform-based workflows out of the box.
– BlendSystems permit LipSync to paintings with many different animation structures. Use our own help for numerous 3rd-birthday celebration assets, or create your personal.
– Animations aren’t tied to a person, so lines of discussion can be shared among characters without any similar work.
– Includes a free reproduction of EyeController, to without problems add some existence in your characters.

Clip Editor Features:

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  1. Sam

    the package is empty

    1. mdazhar007

      We try our level best to first check the package then upload, you might have not downloaded it properly or after importing the asset into unity you might not have clicked the unity package to import all the assets….

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