You are currently viewing Lighting Box 2 (Built_In – HD – Lightweight)

Lighting Box 2 (Built_In – HD – Lightweight)

Download Lighting Box 2 (Built_In – HD – Lightweight) Free Unity. 

* Works well on Unity 5 , Unity 2017 , Unity 2018 and Unity 2019

* Only Standard (Built In) and Lightweight piplines is supported

** HD pipline (HDRP) is not supported

* Note: You must import Post Processing 2 for Unity 2018 and 2019 from Window->Package Manager
Also you can download unity 5.6 and 2017 from doc file

This is a real time saver solution to get AAA looking lighting in a few seconds or minutes even without any lighting experience

Turn your Unity’s Lighting Workflow very similar to Unreal Engine’s workflow and only focus on your scene design instead of the wasting your time on finding a proper lighting settings for all light parameters !!!

Quick start install/import guide

Tutorials playlist 1
Tutorials playlist 2
Tree Creator Tutorials

Lighting Box 2 has been re designed to help you get the desired result in the shortest possible time

With a lot of Sample projects, shaders and video tutorials in latest update 2.6 version

New Stochastic Screen Space Reflection integration
New Sun shaft effect integration with proper settings for all platforms
New Depth of Field and Screen Space
Reflection options will help you to get maximum quality and performance in few seconds.

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