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Level Maker (LM) could be a tool for operating with level kits and prefabs. It permits for fast and simple creation of levels even with prefabs that aren’t grid aligned or weren’t created for grid spacing. Level Maker permits for good alignment of assets even once the assets aren’t equally spaced. Level Maker permits for putting of assets in any direction, therefore, you’re not unnatural to perpendicular alignments.50% Off Launch Sale!

LM is presently in associate early unharness section and therefore the worth can increase to $30 once version one.0 is finalized.

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*** luminous flux unit doesn’t embrace ANY MODELS OR PREFABS *** The piping kit and road kits shown are free pluss however alternative asset kits should be purchased.

LM is information-driven, therefore, levels are kept in a very file and might be brought in with one file. simply import the plus kit utilized in the amount and click on a button to instantiate a complete level.