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Legs Animator

Multi Purpose Leg IK Animating Plugin for any type of 3D character.

⚡ Solve all of your leg animating problems with Legs Animator!

Legs Animator is component which provides a lot of features for characters with legs… so for almost all kinds of creatures.

⭐ List of features:

Aligning legs on uneven terrain
Handling leg attachement points (gluing)
Executing complex attachement transition animations (idle gluing)
Automatic turning-rotating in place leg animation (idle gluing)
Fixing sliding feet for no-root motion animations (movement gluing)
Animating hips stability giving realistic feel to the animations
Providing API for custom extensions of Legs Animator
Automatic strafe and 360 movement animating module (using single clip)
Push Impulses API (for landing bend impacts and others)
Extra helper features for automatic animations enchancing
Step Events handling for step sounds and particles
Fast setup and setup speedup tools
Works on any type of rig – humanoids / animals / creatures
Highly Optimized + Compact performance profiler
Check Manual for more

✍ This component will NOT generate running animations out of standing animations! It can improve running animations (Legs Animator is working in sync with played animation), but it works on already existing running animation clips. In the other hand, Legs Animator can animate procedurally simple steps/walk animations.

(running insects are actually possible to animate with Legs Animator)

⚙️ Component is highly optimized : 1 Leg = similar performance as one Unity’s Character Movement controller move. But if you want to use multiple spider like creatures :

[8 legs to compute] *TIMES* [spiders count] = it can cost some performance of your project.

(plugin has potential for DOTS implementation, so in the future there may be released high performance boost update)

☄️ Use Legs Animator’s built in IK solution or use any other IK solver.