Legacy Mirror Shaders and Post Effects

Download Legacy Mirror Shaders and Post Effects Free Unity. 

Please read the latest documentation here

Supports only Standard (Legacy) Pipeline!
Looking for Universal (URP) Pipeline? It is another package: HERE

AR-VR Ready mirror (planar) shader is here. Based on PBR shader, so supports everything that it supports (for both forward and deferred rendering with post processing support). For reflection, mirror, transparency, simple wave, ripple, depth, blur, masking simulations and much more…

Oculus Rift, Rift-S and Quest are tested with Multiview and SPInstanced modes (Mirror in mirror – recursive, does not work on VR yet!).
Please look to the docs for other VR devices!
Works for orthographic camera too (depth-cutoff is not supported for ortho right now)!
Please see the forum HERE
Android Demo
Android Cardboard VR-Demo
Webgl Demo 1
Webgl Demo 2

Shaders tested on Mac, PC, iOS, android and webgl but should work on all platforms. On mobile, opengles3 and greater needed for most effects.

This package includes these packages and much more (Please look to individual links for how to videos):
Standard AR-VR Invisible Light and Shadow Receivers
2d Weather Effects

New sample videos are shot with iPad (2017 model) with highest quality settings. Scene has more than 150K triangles (while shadows enabled).

Transparent reflection support. Add extra reality to your AR games like floor reflections and refractions.

Mirror scripts use hidden second camera to create effects!

MODELS which are used in videos or screenshots ARE NOT INCLUDED in package!

You can use all post effects for monitor based visuals:
Make security cams, crt monitors, led panels, night vision cameras etc.

Image Effects:
1-LOD Blur + Iterations
2-GameBoy + Color + Size
3-Mosaic + Size
4-Refraction + Size
5-CRT + Customization
6-Simple Displacement + Speed + Size
7-Vertical Wave + Size +Speed
9-Sobel + Color + Detail
10-Scan + Size + Color + Speed
11-Hoizontal Wave + Size +Speed
12-Stitching Invert + Size + Color
13-Edge Substraction + Color + Threshold
14-Distorted Lens + Power
15-Two Color Mix + Luminance
16-Dot Effect + Block Size + Dot Size
17-Focused Blur + Focus Place + Step Size + Radius + Smoothness
18-Emboss Effect + Strength + Angle
19-Under Waters + Vertical – Horizontal Strengths
20-Night Vision + Noise + Light Power + Flicker Power + Vignette
21-Lego + Block Size + Shadow
22-Glitch + Noise + Speed + Size
23-Vintage + Luminance
24-Heat + Noise + Luminance
25-Noise + Amount
26-LED + Size + Luminance + Scan Color
27-Pulse + Speed + Iteration
28-Alcohol Simulation + Size + Red-Green-Blue Values
29-Colors Channel + Red-Green-Blue + Luminance
30-Black Hole + Size + Position + Hole Size + Radius + Speed + Luminance
31-Bleach Bypass + Scale + Color
32-Posterize + Level
33-Exposure + Power
34-Charcoal + Strength + Line Color
35-Vignette + Size + Darkness
36-Thermal + Threshold
37-Radial Volume + Size + Step + Smooth
38-2D Fog-Storm-Smoke + Size + Color + Speed + Density
39-2D Snow + Direction + Zoom + Particle Multiplier + Color + Speed + DARK MODE
40-2D Rain + Direction + Zoom + Particle Multiplier + Color + Speed + DARK MODE
41-Edge Blend + Size + Smoothness

Please e-mail me for everything (e.g. new shader requests) and follow youtube channel for how to videos:
[email protected]
Youtube Channel

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/legacy-mirror-shaders-and-post-effects-81728

Now Download Legacy Mirror Shaders and Post Effects Free Unity

Note: Due to some issue small files uploaded on google drive causing a minor problem, ( instead of zip or unitypackage ) .gz extension is getting downloaded, don’t worry, click again on the link it will download the original file.

Thank you!

Team unityassets4free

Download For Free Server 1 v3.02DOWNLOAD
Download For Free Server 2 v3.02DOWNLOAD
Download For Free Server 3 v3.02DOWNLOAD

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