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Learn Basics of Unity & C# in 8h

Learn Basics of Unity & C# in 8h Free Download. 

Learn C# Scripting for Unity Game Development from Absolute Basics, Create your own 3D & 2D Games With Unity using C#

What you’ll learn:
Build Real 2D & 3D Example Games With C# & Unity
Build A Mobile Game To A Client On “Fiverr”
Use C# Skills for Building Mobile / Android Games
Learn C# Scripting With Practical Examples in Unity
Get A Solid Understanding of C# & Basic Programming Concepts
Learn Unity’s API from Absolute Basics
Learn Unity From 0 Until You Become A Freelancer


Unity 2019.3 or higher
Visual studio community 2017 or higher


This Course will Teach You everything that you need to get started with C# scripting in Unity. You will learn step by step from scratch every feature of the C# language as well as how to implement it in Unity’s API for building Games.

List of Things You Will Learn:

Learn C# Language from absolute basics

Master basic Programming concepts

Learn Unity’s API

Learn Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Create Ready To Use C# Scripts

Apply Your C# Skills for Building Android / Mobile Games

I have taught C# Scripting to thousands(more than 23000+ students) of people on my UDEMY Channel Brinis Hamza. I love teaching complex concepts in a simple way, so even if you have no previous coding experience, no need to worry, I’m gonna teach you everything step by step in the perfect order.

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional Games with C# and the Unity game engine.

Build a strong foundation in C# Scripting and Unity Game Development with this course.

Get Started With C# programming

Learn fundamentals of Unity API

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