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KWS Water System (HDRP Rendering)

All demo scenes and resources are included in the project.


Water rendering uses physical approximation for lighting/wave simulation and is based on such physical parameters as wind power, turbidity, transparency, dispersion, etc. Therefore, water rendering should look correctly in any scene, for example, during the day, at night, at sunset, or in the cave.


GPU waves simulation with multiple cascades (to avoid tiling)
Physical approximation of lighting (volumetric lights and shadows, absorption, scattering, caustic, sunshafts)
Physical approximation of reflections using fast screen space projected reflections (several times faster than other SSR methods), camera planar reflections, cubemap(probe) reflection
Physical approximation of refraction in screen space with dispersion (using water IOR)
Physical approximation of caustic relative to water depth and waves (with dispersion).
Underwater effect with partial submersion
Underwater sunshafts/volumetric lighting with caustic
Shoreline waves rendering with foam particles
Flow rendering using flowmaps (integrated flowmap painter)
Fluids simulation for static objects (rivers) with foam rendering
River system using splines
Dynamic ripples
Rain effect
Various meshes: infinite mesh(ocean), finite box (pool), spline rivers, custom mesh
Lod system with tesselation
Writing to depth buffer (for correct posteffects like ‘depth of fields’)
Video/text description of each setting in the editor.
Fog compatibility (in one click) with third-party assets for Expanse, Time Of Day, Enviro, Atmospheric height fog.

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