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KUBIKOS – Cube Village Farm Kit

Download KUBIKOS – Cube Village Farm Kit FREE Unity. 

KUBIKOS – Cube Village & Farm Kit is high quality, extensive modular assets pack which includes more than 600 Unique assets. With KUBIKOS Village & Farm you can build all kinds of interesting, innovative and fun game village and farm levels.
KUBIKOS is perfect for tile based stylized games.

Fully modular assets are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

+Includes more than 600 Unique assets
+Includes 5 demo scenes showing package in action
+Includes beautiful, animated shaders of LAVA, WATER and MAGMA
+Includes translucency shader for ICE.
+Includes Vertical Fog Shader.

Package contains:
+ Village Buildings and Props x50
+ Cubes x72
+ Trees and Plants x110
+ Rocks x117
+ Clouds x7
+ Sun
+ Moon
+ Items and Propses x28
+ Particles x5
+ Post Processing profiles
+ Vertical Fog Shader
+ Custom Shaders x13

Package contains some assets
from KUBIKOS – 3d Cube world pack