Download Koreographer FREE Unity

Koreographer™ simplifies the method of synchronizing gameplay to music in your game. Its straightforward written material interface permits you to map rhythms, beats, notes, volume, and different dynamics of the music to events within the game. Koreographer may be wont to produce rhythm games, create any game a lot of medium, enhance game environments with music, and build new controls and music-driven gameplay.

✓ quickly produce a game with rhythm-based gameplay
✓ Author lip-syncing for your audio with ease
✓ produce subtitles to audio files with exactitude temporal order
✓ synchronal multi-layer audio playback support out of the box!
✓ Supports all major runtime environments, together with mobile, console, and VR platforms
✓ utterly useful singing and Rhythm Game demos included!
✓ Integration with the PlayMaker™ visual scripting system!

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