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Kira | Stylized character

Download Kira | Stylized character FREE Unity. 

|| Note: Most of the files in the package have been changed, therefore, the update will not replace the old ones. Please remove the old Kira package and then import, or consider importing in a new project ||

Thank you so much for showing interest in Kira. I have worked really hard and been updating my assets regularly. This is a major update and now Kira has a new facial design! check the screenshots I have attached, I am sure you’ll love it. The original faceless design is also included.

Kira now features facial animations/expressions. They can be controlled using blend shapes in part Head_B of the model. A few premade facial animations can be found inside: Kira/Art/Animations/FacialAnimations

The model comes with separated parts for customisations. A combinations of two different Suits and two hairstyles to add variations to the character.

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