Download KGFMapSystem FREE Unity. 

High End, out of the box minimap solution.

– One year development time!
– Used by a wide community
– Used in AAA games

NGUI, PlayMaker, IOS, Android, PC, OSX, WebPlayer, Unity 3.x Unity 4.x, Unity and Unity Pro, drag & drop integration, detailed documentation, tutorials, demo, forum, immediate support, minimap & map mode, customize EVERYTHING!, saveable fog of war (revealable by multiple units), render photo instead of scene, save photos to filesystem, mapicon customization (tooltips, icon, blinking, arrow icon, size, color, reveal fog of war, rotation, depth ordering), smoots adaptive zoom, zoom levels, camera frustum display, panning, panning borders, switchable orientation, direction arrows, bookmarks, alpha mask, 96 icons and 4 skins included, sidescrolling games, clean C# code, hover events, post screen effects and much more!

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

Now download KGFMapSystem FREE Unity

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