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Kekos – Customizable 3D Character Cartoon Kids

KEKOS is a 3D Character Customization Tool with a ton of outfit combinations and fast integration for your projects.


Character customization with the editor in a fast, clean and efficient way.
Customize your kekos character and export to prefab and package easily for fast integration.
[CONTENT UPDATE] Tons of items and colors to choose from: torso, pants, shoes, gloves, hairstyles, hats, glasses, eyes, eyebrows, facial features.
Blendshapes (morphers) for facial expressions.
[NEW] Runtime scene example.
Compatible with Built-in pipeline, URP and HDRP. Just unpack and use.
Humanoid Rig.
Sprite icons for each item.
[CONTENT UPDATE] 20+ character prefabs included out of the box.
Works on multiple platforms and environments: PC, Android, iOS, VR, etc.
[NEW] FAQ and technical documents.
[CONTENT UPDATE] 6 test animations.

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