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Junky Town Full Asset Package

This is a package containing 25 meshes of buildings, fountains, towers, and modules. All are game-ready set up, with meshes and materials fully optimized, fitting to create many genres of games such as RPG to RTS. The pack also includes other textures for color changing to make team color. The package also includes a demo level designed to show all the contents and assets. The entire package is built with stylized texture direction, so if you are aiming at a certain stylized approach game, this is the package for you! Feature:
-25 Static meshes.
-Game-ready assets with team color masks.
-Demo scene.
-Texture Sizes: 2048.
-LODs: 0.
-Number of Meshes: 25.
-Number of Materials and Material Instances: 20.
-Number of Textures: 68.
-Supported Development Platforms: PC.
-Supported Target Build Platforms: PC.
-Polygons: 2 – 10K each.
-Vertices: 4 – 20K each.
-Visit us at: Thunder Cloud Studio

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