You are currently viewing Jigsaw puzzle – Template game (With ads)

Jigsaw puzzle – Template game (With ads)

This is a complete template game about jigsaw puzzle games.
This project is targeted to the mobile platforms but also ready to compile it to PC/Mac/Linux and web browsers.

The only thing you need to create a new version of this game is design new images so people can solve the puzzles. You can also fill it with free in Free stock photos.

All the template is prepared and ready – no code required for creating or modifying the game – and it comes with some free-to-use animal levels included to see how this game works.

This project can be used for reskining or as a tool for creating any jigsaw puzzle like animals puzzle, pirates puzzle, monsters puzzle…

Template features:

– Ready to publish.
– Easy to customize.
– Language .csv, easy to addapt to multiple languages (English and Spanish already included).
– Get images from internet: Guide to upload your images in a free hosting.
– Get images from project folder: Guide to include your images into the game.
– Unity ads are already implemented. Also, here you have a guide to help you.
– Exportable to PC/Mac/Linux, web or mobile devices.
– Warning: There is a limit of 40 images!