Japanese School Corridor

Download Japanese School Corridor FREE Unity. 

With this package, you can make a “Japanese school corridor”.

This package contains:

– 103 meshes.
– 157 prefabs.
– 1 demo scene.
– 2 post-processing stack v2 profiles.

It’s possible to connect with some Assets sold separately.
– Japanese School Classroom Ver.2.0 higher
– Japanese School Restroom Ver.2.1 higher

When using “Japanese School Classroom” Prefabs / classroom01_8x10x3.5m, Please use “Prefabs_Corridor Parts / Corridor_Classroom01_JP_School classroom_V2”.

When connecting “Japanese School Restroom” please use “Prefabs_Corridor Parts / Corridor_Restroom”.

The floor color and floor line color depend on the material color.

Materials of “classroom02” and “classroom03” can also use material of “Japanese School Classroom”.

Please refer to the sample scene for how to connect classrooms and corridors.
Hint: Because the door frame width is 20 cm, between the room using the door and the corridor is 15 cm.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/japanese-school-corridor-19983

Now download Japanese School Corridor FREE Unity

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