ISpeed – Top car control and AI

Download ISpeed – Top car control and AI Free Unity. 

ISpeed gives you the power to create a very easily High-speed Race Car!!

A Race Realistic Physics Car Controller + A.I with police mode!!

** Top drop-down menu for creating a quick vehicle.
** Multiple types and behaviors like: Sport, Normal, Truck, and custom.
** Police car with chase mode script !!
** Police Helicopter with Spotlight script!!
** Position script for a race game.
** Waypoints script.
** IK driver script.
** Camera visual script.
** Damage system.
** Minimap script with dynamic arrows!!
** Tachometer UI.
** Animated racing arrows scripts.

* Amazing map.
* Ready to use cars
* Driver model
* 5 Sport Cars
Many scripts!!

Work with Mobile and Unity 2017.XX 2018.XX 2019.XX

The first video is a Tutorial and has a PDF tutorial on the asset.
Email me with any questions!

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

Now Download ISpeed – Top car control and AI Free Unity

Note: Due to some issue small files uploaded on google drive causing a minor problem, ( instead of zip or unitypackage ) .gz extension is getting downloaded, don’t worry, click again on the link it will download the original file.

Thank you!

Team unityassets4free

Download For Free Server 1 v1.7.1DOWNLOAD
Download For Free Server 2 v1.7.1DOWNLOAD
Download For Free Server 3 v1.7.1DOWNLOAD

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