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IOS Native Pro

Download IOS Native Pro FREE Unity. 

This is the first Pro line plugin. Meaning this is our finest work, we’ve put all our expertise of how to properly build a plugin for the unity developer community, that we gained from being an asset store publisher and a game developer for many years.

IOS Native Pro plugin gives you an ability to directly use Apple iOS and watchOS API, in order to make your application feel more natural and friendly for iOS users. Almost any App Store game has to implement In-App Purchases, Game Center, Social sharing, etc. And this is an only a small part of useful API and features we have in our plugin.

Our goal is to provide you with all native features you need to build an iOS application or game. But that is not the only thing we care about. We understand that every developer wants to have his project as clean as possible. That’s why we always provide an ability to disable plugin parts, keep our code clean and documented.

You will also be able to find a lot of use example and documentation articles for every module of IOS Native Pro.

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