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Inventory Engine

The Inventory Engine is a simple yet flexible inventory solution for Unity.

Minimal by design, it gives you all you need to create inventories, items, display them, and plug them into your game. Also included in the Corgi Engine, the best platformer asset for Unity, and in the TopDown Engine, it’s a proven and battle tested solution that just gets the job done.

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✨ Feature list :
• Inventory Management
• Inventory Display
• Items creation
• Item actions : pick, drop, equip, unequip, use, move, swap
• Local multiplayer support
• Weapon bars bound to various inputs
• PixelRogue demo scenes
• Minimal demo scenes
• Stackable items
• Conditional actions
• Equipment inventories
• Intra and extra inventory navigation
• Save and load inventories
• Automatic inventory display setup
• Hotbars
• Selection Marker
• Inventory Sounds
• Corgi Engine integration