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Inventory 2 | Game Creator 2 by Catsoft Works

Download Inventory 2 Free Unity. 

Drink potions, craft items, trade with merchants and more!

This module requires Game Creator 2 in order to work.

Create your very own Inventory system with stackable items, craft new objects and trade them with merchants. Or equipment and personalize them with custom properties and sockets!

Create Items and define what kind of object represents.

– Give them a name, description, sprite and game object representation.

– Define custom Properties that can be changed at runtime.

– Determine what Sockets it has so other Items can be attached.

– Equip and Unequip the item and set what requirements it has.

– Create your own outcomes when consuming items.

These can be easily assigned to a Bag, which is a component that stores items and can be attached to any game object.

A Bag also defines a UI Skin which is used to open an interface that the user can interact with. For example:

– Opening the Player’s inventory

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