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Invector Shooter Cover Add-on

Download Invector Shooter Cover Add-on Free Unity Asset. 

Shooter Cover Add-on for Invector Third Person Shooter Template

* Invector Shooter Template v2.6.0b or higher Required!

** Topdown and 2.5D mode not available yet, just regular ThirdPerson

Inspired by modern AAA Games Invector developed yet another add-on to step up your game to another level with more shooter action or stealth approach.

This is a BETA Release if you find any bugs please report to

Here are the features included:

– Cover enter (auto, input press or go to cover)

– Slide into Cover (when running to a coverpoint, slide to enter)

– Go to cover with a single press or hold input

– UI Route Preview

– Switch character side when enter cover based on the camera direction

– Cover exit using opposite input direction

– Camera auto-rotation when standing, crouching, or aiming based on the direction

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