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INTERFACE – Apocalypse HUD – UI

Build your game HUD fast! Pre-built elements from rusted metal and salvaged electronics. Customize for a sleek, responsive HUD – ideal for any game style and perfect for games made with Synty assets!

From the ashes of a global catastrophe rises the INTERFACE Apocalypse HUD, the first in Synty’s new line of UI packs!

Quickly build out your game HUD with dozens of pre-built HUD elements cobbled together from rusted metal and salvaged electronic components. Action bars, minimaps, compasses, weapon wheels, HP bars, damage FX, crosshairs – we’ve added everything we could think of to help you quickly assemble a quality-looking, responsive HUD. Each component can be visually customized to suit your game’s needs, whether you’re making an ultra-minimal survival game or an apocalyptic ARPG.

◼ Key Features ◼

Over 160 prefabs (with animations!). Easily piece together a unique UI with customisable components.