Interface and Item Sounds

Download Interface and Item Sounds FREE Unity

Added 52 new files on version 3.0! Purchase currently and revel in the FREE upgrades 🙂

A collection of 320 top-quality sound effects, appropriate for casual/mobile games.

List of files included:
Version 1.0
Version 2.0
Version 3.0

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Includes interface sound for menus:
→ Clicks and Buttons
→ futurist UI
→ Menu and Pops
→ Switches and Special SFX

Includes gameplay item sounds:
→ Items, pops, special and crunch things
→ Bonus, power-ups and potions
→ Gameplay stings and miscellaneous content like balloon, countdowns and more!

Total Files: 320
Format: “.Wav”, 16 bits / 44.100 kHz

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: Know more

Now download Interface and Item Sounds FREE Unity

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