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Insane Gunner AnimSet

Insane Gunner AnimSet is included 180+ anims.

!! Changes from an existing file (1.1ver)

(They have been changed for user convenience.)

Some animation files have been renamed.
The merged animation files were split.



This asset is for main character and wonderful combos with a gun & guns in the air will add splendor to a slow project.

Do make your game like DMC.

Recommend: hyper action RPG game, main character, Gunslinger



Dynamic Keyframe animation
Generic and Humanoid version included
Root motion and Inplace motion included
A T-pose included


Animation List

<General motions + Gun(Single Gun) motions>

aim 1

attack 26

combo 8


dead 11

defence 1

down 4

groggy 3 (start, loop, end)

hit 16

idle 1

jump 2

knockdown 4

movement(Combat) 16

movement(Banking) 2

movement(Normal) 17

reload 1

revival 3