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Imagine WebAR – Image Tracker

Create augmented reality experiences for the web browser using this plugin. Anchor your game objects to any image without the need for any fiducial markers. Supports mobile and desktop browsers.

FREE Version: Try the plugin for free using the ImageTracker-Free version.

Important: This ImageTracker plugin is not yet inter-operable with the WorldTracker plugin. But we look to support combined AR experiences in the future.

Why WebAR?

AR for the web is best suited for small and highly shareable experiences.

Easy-access: Just click a link or scan a QR code to launch your experience. No download required.

No hosting fees

Unlike other expensive WebAR solutions which requires monthly, per-view, or per-app-id subscriptions. Save hundreds of dollars per month on AR hosting platforms!


This plugin will allow developers to host their own WebAR experiences like any other Unity WebGL build. Upload to your own domain or website! The entire tech-stack is yours.

No markers

Uses natural-feature tracking which allows detection and tracking of any image (with sufficient details).

Faster and more accurate!!!

Compared to other image tracking solutions which uses open-source libraries such as AR.js or A-Frame. Close to or on par with the leading industry recognized image-tracking solutions.

Packed with features!!!

– Supports simultaneous tracking of multiple images

– Only WebAR image tracker that allows Texture Extraction (eg. Coloring book AR experiences)

– No need to compile your image targets in an external website. You can even compile image targets during runtime (initialization of your webpage).