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Illustrate: Stylized Toon Shader

Infuse your Unity projects with captivating aesthetics, vibrant colors, and enchanting visuals. Elevate your artistry to new heights and ignite your audience’s imagination!

Distant Lands presents:

Illustrate: Stylized Toon Shader

Embark on an artistic journey like no other with a new toon shader designed with creators in mind. Illustrate is the ultimate solution for artists and game developers seeking a distinct and mesmerizing visual style. Seamlessly integrating into your existing workflow, this powerful toon shader empowers you to effortlessly transform your 3D models, characters, and environments into breathtaking works of art.


????Key Features:????

Achieve many art styles with easy-to-use UI and example presets.
Fits easily into existing workflows. Try Illustrate for your game in minutes!
Lightning-fast performance with no reduction in quality.
Never feel lost or confused with extensive documentation and full support.
Amplify Shader Editor built shaders that are easy to edit.

????Targeted Visual Styles:????

Classic Toon
Hand drawn

????Extensive Toolbox????

Full control over lighting with controllable ramps, light blending, rim lighting, specular, custom coloring, and much more!
Edit your mesh’s normals in the shader pass for quick and adjustable lighting modifications.
Four customizable vertex offset styles can be combined to create precise movements.
Five basic shader types: Opaque, Simple Opaque, Traditional Outline, Alpha Clipped, and Transparent.
Lightweight and simplistic UI – full of features but no fluff

⚙Shader Features:⚙

✅ Color Variation

✅ HSV Adjustments

✅ Color Posterization

✅ Modify Normals at Runtime

✅ Lighting Ramps

✅ Colorize Lights and Shadows

✅ Posterize Light