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IK Plus

Download IK Plus FREE Unity. 

IK Plus is an easy to use, yet advanced IK system that allows you to create realistic character movements with very little effort. It enables you to make your characters interact with the environment in more believable ways.
IK Plus has been developed with the end user in mind, featuring organized and readable interface, easy to use script access functions and optional modules which you can add depending on the purpose of your IK.
Most importantly, IKP works with Unity FREE!
Featured Modules:
– Head
– Upper Body
– Lower Body + Grounder
– Weapon
– Weapon Collision
– Editor Simulation

Upcoming Features:
-Fingers Module
-Graphical bone assignment assistant
-Hands correction functionality for the upper body module (DONE)
-Improved weapon aiming
-Weapon tilt
-Rendering optimization
-[Asset Upgrade] full third person IK-enabled character controller
-Editor simulation (DONE)

As this is an alpha release some unexpected bugs might occur. Support e-mail: