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Ice World

Download Ice World Free Unity. 

Pack support unity:
– Unity 5.6
– Unity 2017
– Unity 2018
– Unity 2018 LW RP 4.9
– Unity 2018 HD RP 4.9
– New unity terrain 2018.3+ support
– Unity 2019
– Unity 2019 LW RP 5.7
– Unity 2019 HD RP 5.7
– Unity 2019.3 URP 7.18
– Unity 2019.3 HD RP 7.18
– Unity 2019.3 URP 7.2+
– Unity 2019.3 HD RP 7.2+
– Unity 2019.4 LTS HD RP
– Unity 2019.4 LTS URP
– Vegetation Studio Pro instanced indirect support for standard, 7.2+ HD and URP

This is huge library of ice textures and shader variants. Every shader and material is mobile friendly. Ice could be used as lake, river or models surfaces. Many options give you ability to control almost every aspect of ice. Lake and river variants behave like water so you are able to control water depth, shelf colors, blend with objects and ice depth. Shader prefectly blend with terrain. Noise function removes tilling problems and make surface even more impressive. All shaders contain metalic and specular, translucenced variants. With UV free shaders variants you are able to create ice caves, floe around the river and much much more.

Asset contains:
– over 180 Ice materials (544 with all variants of shader)
– 88 Ice textures
– tutorial demo scenes
– frozen river demo scene
– 8 shader variants for lakes
– 8 shader variants for solid ice models
– 6 ice floe models
– Vegetation Studio Support

Shader features:
– Ice depth
– Water depth
– Translucency
– Noise which kills tilling
– Objects and terrain blending
– VS instanced indirect support
– Mobile friendly

Forum and update roadmap

Pack could be upgraded to:
Dynamic Nature – Starter Updated asset contains full demo scene from movie with models and snow cover shaders (without trees – speedtree)

Feel free to contact and visit us at: Discord Channel

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