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Hypercasual – Runner Starter Kit

???? Most complete Hypercasual – Runner solution for Unity whether you are a beginner or experienced!

The Hypercasual – Runner Starter Kit is a very flexible tool that allows you to create a wide range of runner games. From classic runner games where one character collects things and fails on hitting obstacles to more advanced ones like crowd simulating or stack-based games, options are unlimited.

✍️ Scripts are heavily commented

???? Documentation is included

???? Demo

!!! This pack relies on the Cinemachine and DOTween packages, so please install those before installing this pack !!!

If you are still having problems using the package, you can ask to dev on these channels:

???? Discord

???? Mail:

You can use the web version of the Documentation: link

Code has been written with flexible architecture in mind, so it’s very easy to extend the functionality. The developer of the package has a high experience in Hypercasual genre, so the problems that developers face when developing Hypercasual Runner games have been known and we have got you covered!

The package is good for use as a template, or as learning material on how to write clean code!



Movement is based on Character Controller (non-physics based) which gives you ultimate control over the object you control. You can let the player control forward movement or make it constantly go. You can have a smooth movement, or let the object rotate toward the direction it goes. It can go on uneven surfaces, and climb hills! You can apply movement constrain so player can’t pass a certain point. With a lot of parameters, you can create your own movement feel!

Modifying system which allows developers to create new functionality quite easily. You can populate the crowd, depopulate or multiply. You can play Animation on every populated entity, transform them into a different game object or make them shoot projectiles! You can create your own custom behaviors as well.