Hx Volumetric Lighting

Download CHx Volumetric Lighting FREE Unity. 

VR Single-pass stereo now supported (5.4.1+) Hx Volumetric Lighting is the easiest way to get high-quality volumetric lighting in your Unity scene, adding depth and realism with rays of light and fog of variable density. It’s easy to use and runs efficiently.

Documentation Forum Features

• Supports Shadow casting lights

• Supports multiple lights – any number and combination of point lights, spotlights, and directional lights.

• It’s dynamic – you can move lights around in real-time.

• Vary the air density with particle emitters or 3D noise.

• Use height fog to get a low hanging fog look.

• Mie scattering for more realistic results

• Supports transparency.

• Supports light cookies .

• Supports low resolution rendering with advanced up-sampling and temporal sampling, allowing faster framerates.

• Easy to use. Just drop a few scripts on your camera and lights. Requirements

• Forward/deferred render Path.

• Directx 9/OpenGL3 and above.

• VR Supported with single-pass stereo Enabled (Unity 5.4.1+)

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/fullscreen-camera-effects/hx-volumetric-lighting-67665

Now download CHx Volumetric Lighting FREE Unity

Download For Free Server 1 v1.3.7Download

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