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Hurricane VR – Physics Interaction Toolkit

Download Hurricane VR – Physics Interaction Toolkit FREE Unity. 

HurricaneVR is a Physics interaction tool kit that enables you to rapidly create immersive VR games. Our Hand physics use Non-Kinematic Rigidbodies which allows your playerbase to experience the weight of what they are holding. This enables quality collision, two handed holding, throwing, and interactions with your physics objects.

Major headset support is built in: includes all Oculus devices, Vive, Valve Index, and WMR devices which will allow you to target SteamVR, Oculus and Quest platforms with ease. We own Oculus, Vive, WMR, and Index controllers to be able to fully support you.


⭐ Recent Updates ⭐


✓ Sit / Standing Modes with Height Calibration


✓ New Gun System and Gun Creation Editor


✓ Escape Room Tech Demo


✓ Physics Based Bow and Arrows


✓ Flexible Stabbing System w/ Customizable Stab Difficulty and Friction


⭐ Key Features ⭐


✓ Responsive and immersive Hand Physics


✓ Smooth locomotion with smooth and snap turning


✓ Supports custom rigged hand models


✓ Line Grab with one axis of positional and rotational freedom


✓ Configurable one and two hand strength per grabbable


✓ Static Hand Pose Editing system with mirroring and finger animation


✓ Dynamic Hand Pose Solving using Physics


✓ Gravity Gloves or Force Grab style remote grabbing


✓ Customizable physics based gun recoil


✓ High quality throwing with per controller center of mass


✓ Record poses with Quest Hand Tracking or Dynamic Pose Solver

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